Legal Consultants


In our firm, our client's business is our business.

With a clear grasp of the rapidly developing Nigerian economic environment vis-a-vis the global development, L & A is able to provide sound and comprehensive legal advice within a broad range of corporate and commercial law practice.


As a proactive and research-based law firm, we are committed to contributing to the development of jurisprudence. With a strong emphasis on high ethical and innovative standards, our firm's cardinal philosophy is to make use of the law to our client's best advantage. We are well posited to maintain a pragmatic balance between knowledge and application of the law.

We consult on a wide range of specialised legal services specifically to meet today's business needs of our client, both local and international. The firm is equipped with Solicitors specialised in diverse legal fields and supported by other professionals relevant to our practice and specific services such as chartered accountants, tax consultants, chartered architects, linguists as well as academics and retired judges.

Our practice is versatile and balanced as regards the two major divisions of law practice in Nigeria, namely, Advocacy and Solicitorship. Each portfolio is partner-led and innovatively packaged to serve our client's best interest.