Legal Consultants



Airline obtaining approvals & licenses, for airlines Formation Handling of Hull, passenger & cargo claims, Air Transport & route licensing, Aviation claims, Aircraft financing, Sale & Purchase, Lease.

Oil & Gas

Advising Acquisition & Exploitation of oil & gas, obtaining accreditation for oil drilling & oil service companies, obtaining consent/approvals for assignment of oil leases, negotiation & dealing with government authorities & relevant companies & financial institutions, agreements & arrangement in oil & gas projects, compensation & claims, legal aspects of environmental impact assessment of oil projects.

Energy & Natural Resources

Advising on acquisition & exploitation of interest in energy & solid minerals, including water projects.

Maritime & Admiralty

All aspect of legal services & advice to ship-owners, managers, charterers, cargo interest, insurers & financiers, litigation & arbitration of disputes relating to cargo & charter parties, insurance and other marine related matters, collision, salvage operations, personal injury & injury to ships and their operations, investigating all aspects of maritime casualty amid oil pollutions.

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