Legal Consultants



Legal services to Telecommunications companies, Licensing of Telecommunication operators & carriers, computer contracts, Advisory services on Legal aspects of internet service & operations and protections of intellectual property rights in the information superhighway.

Special Projects

Legal services in relation to debt conversion, privatization,& Commercialisation policies, Advising on fiscal & other regulatory implication of owning assets in Nigeria, preparation of wills, personal estate management & full range of probate services, Arrangement of capital assets to minimize tax.

Client Services & Private Client

Direct & personal advisory service, special clients & services.


Advising on implication of governmental policies & regulations to foreign & domestic interests, Advising, liaising with government agencies & parastatals on regulations & effects on private & public interests.

Legal research services

Consultancy services to clients, counsel, & institutions, writing legal opinions, legal inputs on corporate decision - making. Process, research on behalf of clients/counsel who requires prompt answers to questions on points of law, current law & cases

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