L&A-Legal Consultants is a full-service law firm and has over two decades of legal practice under its belt. The firm has distinguished itself for excellent legal service; we are committed to providing world-class legal services to our local and international clients.

The Foundation for the firm was laid on the accomplishment and invaluable goodwill of the two patriarchs who are members of the Honourable Society of Inner Temple, London.


Propelled by the combined team led by present founding partners, our vision is to maintain the long-standing tradition of law practice as the first choice firm with first-class legal solutions and service delivery.


Our mission is to continue to maintain with high ethical and innovative standards. Our firm’s cardinal philosophy is to use the law to our client’s best advantage and to contribute to the development of jurisprudence. We are well positioned to maintain a pragmatic combination of knowledge and application of the law.

Our practice is balanced within the two broad divisions of the legal profession in Nigeria, namely Solicitorship and Advocacy. Whether in or out of court, our practice teams are comprised of highly knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who prepare expert opinions or advice, briefs and transactions that offer the best available legal representation for our clients.

L&A-Legal Consultants is a commercial practice with expertise in intellectual property and other specialized and diverse practice areas.

We have a well-founded grasp of the law and policies relating to a wide range of practice areas including corporate and commercial legal services, intellectual property, media, entertainment & sport, telecommunications, real property, finance, taxation, maritime, energy and natural resources.

The firm is equipped with Barristers and Solicitors specialized in diverse fields and supported by other professionals who add value to our practice. Each portfolio is partner-led and suited to serve and protect our clients’ rights and interest.

We are officers of the court, partners with our clients and masters of the law.